Washing of Bras - All of the bras on this website can be safely machine washed on a cool (30 degree) delicate cycle. However, washing by hand will not only prolong the life of your bra, but it will help your bra to maintain its high quality of shape and support. Plus, colours will remain vibrant for longer. If you choose to machine wash, I recommend that you place your bras in a fabric lingerie bag, ensuring that all hooks are done up to avoid snagging, and always separate your “darks” from your “lights & whites” to avoid colour bleeding.

Bras are best dried in a well-aired room. I don’t recommend drying them in direct sunlight, as this could lead to the early onset of elastic decay and colour fading. Tumble dryers should be avoided at all costs. 

Storage of Bras - The best way to store bras (especially padded bras) is to place them standing up in a drawer, stacking them one behind the other. This will help to maintain their perfect round shape. You should always avoid inverting the cups for this same reason.

Silicone Prostheses – Please refer to the product leaflet (you’ll find it inside the box which was supplied with your prosthesis) for the manufacturer’s instructions.

Leisure Forms & Active Forms - Please refer to the product leaflet which contains the manufacturer’s instructions.